Hey! I’m India Vine.. And I have a little obsession with Personal Development, you know that stuff they write about in motivational books?

Well yeah.. that’s kind of my thing... But not just the motivational stuff.. the actual tools, techniques principles and self reflection that truly transforms your world.

For a really long time I struggled with the relationship I had with myself. In my mind, I was never good enough.. never pretty enough.. never skinny enough.. never smart enough.. I felt like I just wasn't one of the 'special ones' that were doing things with their lives..

This led to a massively negative mindset that was just racing with self doubt and toxic thoughts. I was always either anxious, down, self conscious, insecure or straight bored and confused about my life. I knew there had to be a way to not feel like this anymore... I knew there had to be a way that I could properly change my life.. I thought eating healthy and exercising was enough, but really all that did was make matters worse.. Eventually, I (thank GOODNESS) discovered this stuff called Personal Development.. and I started working on my INNER self (something I'd never even known I could do) instead of trying every way to change my external world.. and guess what? I finally transformed my life, in ways I can't even begin to describe. This was the key, this was the missing link that I couldn't believe i'd only discovered now.. and I couldn't believe that this wasn't what EVERYONE knew and had applied themselves. So I made it my mission to give people that same opportunity. I developed a step by step guide into this world, that once you start, it kind of just makes you obsessed with LIFE. I made an entirely online program that takes you through some of life's greatest tools.. And the results this process gives people? Well they still blow my mind.

This Program takes you through a deep guide of getting to know yourself on an entirely different level, so that you can remove everything that is holding you back from feeling amazing about yourself and your life.. and get set up to start living a life that feels insanely good!

This is a complete journey through Personal Development and Self Awareness which focuses on upgrading your mindsets, learning the workings of your own mind, understanding yourself and your soul on a deep level, healing the relationship you have with yourself and your body and cultivating insane self love and personal empowerment, so that you can live a deep and fulfilling and connected life that feels exciting each and every day. This process is all about becoming aware and letting go of anything in your past that is dragging you down and keeping you stuck and learning the Principles, Tools and Techniques that will get you past that and get you to the point that you are taking charge of your life! If you've wanted a chance to hit the re-fresh button on life and you want to start connecting to yourself and a deeper life, and getting to the point that you are living a life that feels truly meaningful to you and feels just seriously good to wake up to each day, then getting to know yourself on this level and learning the Principles I break down in this program is exactly what you're ready for. We should ALL be working on developing ourselves mentally, spiritually and emotionally, because if we are not progressing in life, we are simply just exisiting in it.

So... What exactly do we work on?

Here's a little snippet.

  • Mind.

    Everything starts and stops in the Mind! Seriously.. EVERYTHING! You wouldn't believe how much changes when you understand your own mind and learn how to use it to your advantage. Getting to know the workings of your own mind using the Principles, Tools and Techniques we break down in the program is absolutely crucial to leaving your past behind and to start awakening to your life! This part of the program is essential if you just want to start FEELING amazing in your life. If you want an amazing life and to feel your absolute best, it ALL starts in the Mind! Everyone should know how to master this in their world, because once you can master your mind, you can completely change everything and this is the exact process that will teach you how to do that!

  • Body.

    This is not a 'Diet' or 'Meal Guide' nor is it a 'Fitness Guide'! This is much deeper than that, these are the fundamentals that are NEEDED to feel your absolute best about yourself and your body! Using the Principles, Tools and Techniques that are broken down in the program will make you the healthiest version of yourself, in ways that food and exercise alone, are unable to. The Body part of this program is all about teaching you how to heal your relationship with your body and heal your relationship with food, as well as teaching you how to master your own health and give up vicious dieting cycles that are having a toxic effect on your life. You will never see food or your body in the same way once you have followed the principles in this program, and you'll finally feel the way you've been trying to feel for so long.

  • Soul.

    We all know we should be working to balance out our Mind, Body and Soul, but how do we do that if we don't even know how to connect to our Souls or the deeper world around us? The Soul part of the program is designed to take you on an in depth journey within yourself, to discover this whole new side of you and to connect with your Soul and open you up to your spiritual side, and that's where you will realise how much deeper your life can really be, this is where the real magic happens.. like I mean actual magic! (You'll know what I mean once you've done the work) And once you awaken to it, you will never ever be able to see or live your life the same way again!

What's Included in the Program?

This Program is the equivalent to reading hundreds of Self Development, Motivational, Inspirational and Spiritual themed books all in one! But the real difference is, it's broken right down for you and it includes the specific questions, self awareness, self reflection and action steps that take you deep inside of yourself to apply these things to your own world, and unlock new parts of you, one module at a time! This is the stuff that changes lives forever, not just when we are reading a book. These Tools, Techniques & Principles will completely change the way you live your life and really allow the magic to happen! And they're all delivered by:

  • 36 Videos breaking down these life changing Principles Tools and Techniques for you.

  • Worksheets for each video, so that you have the exact questions, prompts and action steps to go deep within yourself and relate these Principles back to your own life, so that you can actually change your life, instead of just learning about something!

  • It's entirely online which means the Program can be completed on your phone or your computer, and done on your own time, in your own home, at your own pace!

Imagine going on a journey of doing the inner work that brings a complete shift to your way of life, and knowing that each week you are progressing into the next version of you.

Happiness comes from progress, it's time for you to start loving yourself and your life!
Imagine going on a journey of doing the inner work that brings a complete shift to your way of life, and knowing that each week you are progressing into the next version of you.

The Cost?

If I were to put the real value of this course up, it is WELL over $2000usd..

It’s actually the equivalent of a full years worth of Personal Development coaching, with so much content it will actually blow your mind, and to be honest, the way this will change your life, you can’t really put a price on it.. BUT just like you.. I used to find it really hard investing in MYSELF. I might of thought the money could of been better spent on some kind of temporary happiness.. but the thing is.. this kind of inner change is enough to give you an entire new way of life.. and if you’re not willing to invest in yourself and your happiness, nothing will change. My mission is to help as many people as possible start to feel amazing about themselves & their lives through developing their minds and their way of life.. So I made heavily reduced the price of the program, to help you say YES to investing in your happiness and your life!

So.. Take the first step to changing your life!

Get access to this deep work and learn all of the Principles, Tools, Techniques and specific Self Reflection that will unlock the magic inside of you, and get you in the drivers seat of your own life!

Pricing options:

Your choice of paying a once off payment or paying for the Program over 4 months!